Thursday, April 4, 2013

New date, time, and location for Houston Composers Salon #7

(Tennessee Williams)
Houston Composers Salon #7
April 14, 2013
7:30 PM
at Cullen Hall, University of St. Thomas
4001 Mt. Vernon, Houston, TX 77006
Made possible in part by Houston Composers Alliance

The Program:
Two Blues
Composed by Jack Gottlieb on poems of Tennessee Williams
("Kitchen Door Blues" and "Gold Tooth Blues," 1954)
for mezzo-soprano and clarinet
Lainie Diamond, mezzo-soprano
Richard Nunemaker, clarinet

for saxophones and double bass
Composed by Seth Paynter
Seth Paynter, saxophones
Thomas Helton, upright bass

Fung Bridge in the Night
for solo piano
Composed by Stephen Yip
Pam Connolly, piano

Space City Suite
for laptop and saxophones
Composed by Chris Becker and Woody Witt
Chris Becker, laptop
Woody Witt, saxophones