Friday, August 30, 2013

Houston Composers Salon #9

Houston Composers Salon #9
September 15, 7:30 PM
Cullen Hall, University of St. Thomas
4001 Mt. Vernon, Houston, TX 77006
Q&A following each piece, moderated by Professor Ryan Gabbart

Composed by Thomas Helton
Richard Nunemaker, Clarinet

5 movements from "13 for Piano"
Composed by Joe LoCascio
Hsin-Jung Tsai, piano

The Bass's Mechanical Heart Collapses Under Emotional Pressure
Composed by Andrew Seifert
Thomas Helton, bass
Andrew Seifert, bass

Body, Soul and Spirit
Composed by Eddie Lewis
Eddie Lewis, trumpet
John Goode, trumpet
Alex Lewis, trumpet
Thomas Helton, tuba


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